15 Years A Deplorable: A White House Memoir by Mike McCormick

Pulling no punches, former White House stenographer Mike McCormick describes with eyewitness precision specific transgressions and why those transgressors should no longer be reporting on America’s democracy.

Readers who value a fair and balanced media will appreciate McCormick’s candor and honesty in unmasking these offending “journalists” and “news” organizations; as well, they will appreciate his robust assessment of credible journalists and news organizations.

The Obama White House was a perilous environment for a Trump supporter

McCormick stayed below the radar until an inadvertent slip-up among some colleagues cost him dearly. But with his unique Obama White House insider’s perspective, McCormick dissects the 2016 election with month-to-month descriptions of Donald Trump’s amazing march to the presidency (assisted by Mr. McCormick’s brothers, both volunteer Trump advocates).

BEHIND THE SCENES, front-row AT THE White House spanning 15 years

There are never-before-reported anecdotes on Hillary Clinton’s indefensibly poor campaign (Democrats, it wasn’t Russia that lost her the White House). Trump fans will enjoy McCormick’s firsthand accounts of Team Obama’s many failures and how their reliance on their fawning media pals to hide them resulted in the election of President Donald Trump!

"15 Years a Deplorable was very enlightening and it provided a perspective in a number of areas not well publicized. I had always thought that the Dems were overconfident, were drinking their own bath water, and believed the liberal press way too much. Mike’s insight and perspective was far better and a lot less repetitive than some of the other books covering the same topics. Even though I dislike Trump (and Pence), and disagree with a lot of what he's doing, I respect Mike’s reasons for supporting him. Well done."

Bob A, via Facebook

Mike Interviewed on I24 TV - October 17, 2019

Mike Interviewed on Tampa AM WFLA Radio - October 18, 2019

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